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Speak OUT: Zine Launch

04 Feb Speak OUT: Zine Launch

artwork by Nina Slykhuis Landry

artwork by Nina Slykhuis Landry

In September 2016, it came to our attention that prominent members of our community were aggressors in several, separate accounts of sexual violence and abuse. As a community-built organization, it is SYR’s responsibility to take a stand against this atrocious behaviour in the most visible way possible.

While this work is more pressing than ever, it is equally delicate. Label operations were more or less halted entirely so that resources and efforts could be focused on this endeavor alone. It was a wake-up call to discover that close friends had committed violence in our community that values safety, respect, and inclusion. But the only way to continue claiming these values in our community is by diligently, consistently upholding them. And if these values cannot be upheld in niche communities like ours, how will they ever translate to society overall?

This February 18th, in conjunction with our fellow community organization, OUT, we will debut Circles: A Community Response and Resource. (facebook event link)

Circles will be the first iteration in a series of documents designed to center survivors and victims of sexual violence and abuse. It will feature art, poetry, and literature by survivors, an index of support services and centres across Canada, as well as a small online directory of web-based resources.

The zine’s launch will take place at Casa del Popolo at 7PM, and will feature music, art fair, and a panel of excellent speakers and activists, with a focus on healing and accountability. Initially, the Circles zine will be available at the launch itself, and at service centres and venues across Montreal. We will host the zine’s .pdf on SYR’s website and elsewhere, free of charge, for all to download and share as they please. Donations at the launch, from $5-8 PWYC, will help cover the labour of panelists. Non-survivors, cis-het white settlers and those not in financial precarity are strongly encouraged to contribute on the higher end of the PWYC sliding scale. The venue is wheelchair accessible and will have safe(r) space person(s) onsite.

Community action and community accountability are healing. Circles is a resource, a letter of solidarity to fellow survivors and a reconstruction of what it means to heal collectively. Visit OUT on facebook to stay updated.