Stack Your Roster | Venice Beach b/w Home by Notta Comet
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Notta Comet

Venice Beach b​/​w Home

by Notta Comet

“Witness the new sprouts, slinging some of the best hypercharged jazz punk upside down chorused psych anything into a world that probably don’t even care, don’t even know what awesomeness looms before them. At every change in this single, their latest in a perplexing and totally fucking exciting string of minimal output, I need to hit pause and scroll back a bit to try and decipher what I just heard. “Venice Beach” charges in, full pin, with a circling, deceptively complex lattice of shiningly clean chording over driving beats that invert on a dime, bass placed pointilistically in the pocket. The vocals garble and strive, breaking into breathless pleas and screams, smithereening into shimmery effects. Holy crap, there’s so much in here and so little to grasp. I wanna reach for references, I think of The Minutemen but nahhhh.. second track “Home” drives some sick clean into demented clown vocals and then comes the Beefheart breakdown, nice territory if that’s your steez and fuck yeah, it’s totally my steez. The bridge part builds into an intense, fuzzy peak that would destroy any basement show into a froth.
Then it’s all over. Two songs? Notta Comet has so much music in them I doubt that many could even survive a full length from this disgustingly talented new band.” (source)