Stack Your Roster | Trading Cities by Girl Arm
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Girl Arm - Trading Cities

Trading Cities


released 13 March, 2014


“Girl Arm’s label headquarters lies directly underneath Montreal’s disreputable Boul. St-Laurent, which you must cross with an eye over your left shoulder, or you won’t even make it past the speeding taxis. To get to this underground chamber, you must descend a rickety staircase: a conglomerate of wooden slabs without mark of modern engineering, kin of rope bridges of the action-adventure type. As you know, taking a tentative approach to bridge-crossing — trying to re-center your balance on each beam before leaping to the next one — will likely result in your fall to the beast-ravaged jungle below. The trick is to move quickly and trust momentum. If you can synchronize your pace to the swinging of the wood beams you’ll be fine. Until the rhythm changes…” (source)