Stack Your Roster | This Is Your Future We’re Talking About by Quaaludes
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This Is Your Future We’re Talking About

by Quaaludes

released 1 March, 2015

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This Is Your Future We’re Talking About is an explosively confrontational debut. Raw relentless vocals melodically weave their way through waves of powerful riffs. Those same riffs leave your head spinning, seeking to tear every emotional and sonic threshold they find in front of them with every chord. The trumpet line in Antigua is a beautiful interlude acting as a calm before the storm. Meanwhile, the percussion acts as crashing waves in their sea of experimental math rock, rising and falling at just the right moment. An exercise in mounted intensity, starting with the whirlwind Mr. Transistor and culminating with the expansive Ocean Bingo, this EP is bursting at the seams with expressive aggression and emotional depth.” (source)