Stack Your Roster | This Is Animal Music by Look Mexico
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look mexico

This Is Animal Music

by Look Mexico

released 18 January, 2014

purchase on tape here


“This is Animal Music sounds very much like the specific animal this Florida quintet have in mind is the bear, as in Seattle indie rockers Minus the Bear. Look Mexico have some serious Minus the Bear worship going on in their full-length debut, both in the songs themselves, with their similarly complex interwoven post-rock guitar parts and emo-tinged vocals, and in goofy song titles like “Dude, You Have a Bazooka” and “Me and My Dad Built Her.” Less intrusive echoes of any number of other first-generation emo and math rock acts flit through This is Animal Music, but overall, the young band are so unapologetic about their influences that it’s difficult to fault them for the same. And at its best, like the genuinely catchy, country-ish pop-rocker “You Ever Get Punched in the Face for Talking Too Much?” and the equally tuneful “Not on My Watch,” This is Animal Music is just as good as Minus the Bear, and slightly less pretentious to boot. Fans of that band should definitely check out Look Mexico, but there’s something here for other folks into the more cerebral side of post-emo indie rock as well.” (source)