Stack Your Roster | Them, Roaringtwenties
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In 2008, Them, Roaringtwenties were a 5-piece math rock outfit who were one of the first bands to get us excited about the genre and brandished the flames of our musical imagination with their use of panicking yet soulful guitar tapping, purposeful frivolity, and cute jazzy explosions. The creative use of progressive structure, differing time signatures and new complexity had really introduced ‘stream of consciousness’ type composition to many listeners and positively influenced many more. Their┬áre-contextualization made us appreciate the possibilities of many musical tools; personally, we had never heard auto-tuned vocals in such an environment before. They seemed to be the culmination and continuation of the Chicago progressive/alternative musical heritage that is ever so rich and established. After over 200 shows and a small cult following, Future Sandwich was originally released on Sick Room Records, LTD in 2008. Following a passionate email correspondence with the kind members of TR20’s we decided to re-release Future Sandwich and Vagina Monologues on Cd and tape cassette in 2013.