Stack Your Roster | Thanya Iyer
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This Montreal-based project blossomed from a bandless void in early 2014. When composer and bandleader Thanya Iyer’s former band, TEA, saw an untimely dissolution, she swiftly recruited a host of accomplished jazz musicians to enhance the sound of her new endeavors: singer Shaina Hayes (Braidek), bassist Alex Kasirer-Smibert (Pomptet), drummer Daniel GĂ©linas (YouYourself&I), and trumpeter Simon Millerd (Nomad). In the two ensuing years, the group would go on to produce a magnum opus of a debut album, consisting of nineteen songs, entitled, Do You Dream? Recorded in an Eastern Townships church and released on the cusp of Autumn 2016, the record waxes loquaciously on handling the evershifting circumstances of adulthood. By its final song, Do You Dream? has invested itself fully in change as a foundational aspect of life, taking it on as one of the central themes behind the album. Though classically trained on violin, Thanya Iyer’s craftily blended style of jazz and pop flashes elegantly with electronic and experimental nuance.


Photo by Frederique Berube