Stack Your Roster | Sun Life by Cleanup
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Sun Life

by Cleanup

released October 9, 2015

purchase on tape here


“Ft. Worth, Texas’ experimental/math-rock trio Cleanup have transcended genre roles and the mentality associated therein with their new LP from Holy Hell Records, Sun Life. They have concocted a golden formula of complex playing, lush textures, and personally resonate songwriting that can enthrall even the most casual of music fans. Sun Life hops from song to song fancifully flowing thanks to harmonically-effected guitars, swarthy bass, jazz-influenced drums, and vocals so atmospherically on point it would make the lead singer of Local Natives eat his hat.


The transcendence within Sun Life comes specifically from the song structures, which provide the typical math-rock aficionado a plethora of dynamics to fawn over, but also opens the door to listeners unfamiliar with the genre in the form of warm, welcoming songs that act as a lighthouse in a typically exclusive and niche culture. Beautifully, the album never feels dumbed-down – on the contrary, the 8 songs never let up and the brevity makes you want to flip the record over and listen again while trying to pinpoint all the details missed originally – but instead it effortlessly presents a masterpiece of artisanal design with no assembly required and no height restrictions to ride.” (source)