Stack Your Roster | Sorta Is The Best We’re Doin by Cattle Drums
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Cattle Drums Album Artwork

Sorta is the Best We’re Doin

by Cattle Drums

released February 1, 2016

purchase on tape here


“You heard that right; their 15 track LP was recorded prior to the band’s breakup. It’s a delightfully impetuous punk-math crossover with vocals spitting out the zaniest of lyrics. Musically, there’s all the elements quintessential to bands like Blakfish, Postmadonna and vocalist Sam Judd’s previous band Monster Machismo: quickly shifting chord progressions, fast tempos, loud interludes and yelling. For this reason, there is never really a dull moment, never a space that needs to be filled. To quote their twelfth track ‘Hot Summer Shadow’: ‘if your hands are free and you’re looking for something to do, burn the devil‘. Yeah, Beezlebub gets well toasted.” (source)