Stack Your Roster | Mud Kid by Slothfella
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mud kid

Mud Kid

by Slothfella

released April 1, 2016


This amicable EP proves a fulfilling jaunt through lushly painted digital soundscapes, still incorporating the decisively video game edge that permeated and defined Slothfella’s last record. Opening track “Aurora” not only lives up to its name but also sets the stage for the whole work, evoking daydreams of what it might be like to fly through the Aurora Borealis in a futuristic orbital vessel. Its sweetly swung licks fall neatly into the next excursions, “Field” and “Monitor,” both cinematic forays swaying gracefully in charming electronic soundscapes.


One finds somewhat of a turn halfway through the mud kid in “Ceramic Realm,” perhaps a fiefdom in the video game to which this song could readily be set. In the final two songs the record again turns elsewhere, this time toward a certain morose hopefulness in “Harrison,” which bounces and swells gloomily (depicted visually here), setting a processed vocal stage for the triumphant title track. “Mud Kid” is doubtless a chiptune number, but with this sort of beveled pop edge the allows the vocoded singing to coalesce with everything else, constituting a tasteful conclusion to the whole.