Stack Your Roster | Magnet School by Boy Friends
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Magnet School

by Boy Friends

released October 23, 2015



“A true wellspring, she has drawn diligents the world over membranously through her to the city on her other side. Recently a shudder from the city washed through her like a wave, and though a passing bat was flying too low to note the epicenter, it dutifully reported the news and before long the word spread.


As for the city herself, the local legends say her famous monstrous fiends are nothing but a memory anymore, but city dwellers of any sense know: if you wait your turn, you can throw some real mess around, but you’ve got to pay attention or else you’re fucked where you stand. Creatures will occasionally be of assistance with soothing music, but by and large you only get what others drop. Collect detritus in your triumphant idle moments for later reassembly into charmed objects:


1. Position yourself perpendicular to the screen, that is, parallel to its walls. Rest chin on knees for optimal endurance.


2. Wait, watch and listen to be sure of when the participation of the player is demanded as opposed to simply requisite.


3. If you haven’t been playing already, tap to start.” (source)