Stack Your Roster | Karate Prom OK!
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The latest work from David Martinez and Max Hewett, both well weathered alums of experimental rock’s variety underbellies. You may know the former from projects such as Names, Balcony, or Great Gardening, and perhaps the latter from Boston’s Buttons and Mindy.


The story goes thusly: David had contacted Max Hewett out of the blue, wondering what he thought about David coming to visit Atlanta for a couple weeks to record some music. They had played together in high school, preparing for future mathematical endeavors in the band Televive, a teenaged math rock outfit mixed with elements of post hardcore. Having kept in touch over the years, Max’s decision to approve of David’s spontaneity was natural and swift, so reflective of the impromptu circumstances. At the project’s conception no material had yet been written, but within an hour a game plan had come to fruition: six studio sessions with Damon Moon (The Cottage, Atlanta, Georgia, USA), a couple of demos, alcohol, and lots of Mexican food. Martinez booked a flight and so it was. Karate Prom OK! was born.


Amazingly and impressively, their debut EP Black Belt doesn’t come off as a careless whim, but rather a refined, rekindled bond, purporting a tasteful musical expression of years of friendship. We invite you to entertain the concise collection on their bandcamp portal where you may choose your own price for download.