Stack Your Roster | Black Belt by Karate Prom OK!
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kpok art

Black Belt

by Karate Prom OK!

released March 9, 2016


“Newly-formed Karate Prom Ok is composed of two high-school friends who made the spontaneous decision record together through a Facebook chat conversation (dear technology, bringing people closer) in a lack of plan that involved plane tickets, only six sessions and no further preparation. Even more epic than the actual story, the result is positively eclectic meaning  that it has got me at lost of words to accurately describe it — maybe Dirty Projectors meets Dirty Loops with a tender side, a punk energy and a knack for buoyant arrangements? One sure thing is that it is quite contagious, may you name own price and enjoy this indie-experimental little gem as the unofficial soundtrack of the return of the good days (spring, it is).” (source)