Stack Your Roster | Split by Gulfer / Fago.Sepia
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fago split


by Gulfer and fago.sepia

released 12 August, 2012


“Posing no exception to this rule, fago.sepia and Gulfer have teamed up for a split EP that’s twice as nice. Hailing from francophone cities on opposite sides of the Atlantic—fago.sepia is from Rennes, France; Gulfer is from Montreal—both bands offer innovative, mathy fun.


Gulfer kicks off their debut release with the aptly titled ‘Ping Kong,’ which bounces around between babbling guitar tapping and an effortlessly catchy refrain. On the vocals front, Gulfer presents a raw, punkish likeness to Caleb Followill (of Kings of Leon). Their sound expands in ‘Hulk Logan,’ exhibiting punchy bass lines locked in with succinct guitar cycles. Gulfer traverses a range of musical themes in one song, and they pull it off with distinction.


‘Willow Fight’ starts off a laid back 6/8 groove that droops expressively and erupts to the end. Reminiscent of early Maps and Atlases, noodling instrumentals on the track add texture to passionate vocals and introspective lyrics. To be sure, Gulfer is shooting for an ambitious sound, and they already show studio proficiency and promise. Once they hone their recording practices and production quality to better project musical nuances, Gulfer will surely go where their talent promises to take them.” (source)