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Since Gulfer’s inception in December 2011, these four fine gentleman have contributed to the recent wave of emo-revival by means of a math/post/triumphant-fresh-punk package. They have reconstituted a new breed of emotionally complex music that features quick rhythmic guitar tapping melodies, a slew of double-time rhythmic sections that interconnect with one another succinctly, happy polyrhythms, and a powerful vocal snarl that begs the question of how this type of emotional cathartic value can coincide with its musical foundation so nicely.


Over the past five years, Gulfer have accumulated an impressive list of bona fides which includes but is not limited to:


+ Split EP with Fago.Sepia (Friend of Mine Records)  // August 2012

+ Transcendals EP (Friend of Mine Records/SYR)  // February 2013

+ US/Canada tour with Vasudeva // August 2013

+ Split 7″ with Lions, My First Castle, Odd Dates (Enjoyment Records) // March 2014

+ European tour with Sport // July 2014

+ Split with Kit Fisto, Names, Hit Home (Tetra Records/SYR) // December 2014

+ Split 7″ with Del Paxton (Topshelf Records) // April 2015

+ ‘What Gives’ (Friend of Mine Records/Texas is Funny Records) // June 2015

+ US tour with People Like You // July 2015