Stack Your Roster | Goth Baby by Stevenson
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Goth Baby

by Stevenson

released 8 July, 2015


“”We know what we want as musicians, we’ve been playing for quite a while now,” said Ford in a statement about the band’s ambitions. “But we’re also not taking ourselves too seriously because our goal in music is to have fun and not limit ourselves.”


That fun-loving, experimental attitude finds its way on to Goth Baby, which delivers laidback, jangly indie rock across four tracks. On opener “Jelly,” infectious synth lines blur with guitars, while Ford’s strangled shout-singing adds a bit of grit. “Later” slows things down a bit, getting a little bit trippier, as guitars meander and the vocals get hazier. The pace picks up again on garage pop gem “Bath Salt” before closing out with the aptly slowed-down, drawn-out, distortion-heavy “Sleep.”” (source)