Stack Your Roster | GIRL ARM
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Featuring choose-your-own-adventure guitar, dubious bilingualism, and that thing where everyone does vocals, Montreal’s GIRL ARM formed after the amicable demise of spazzy hardcore staple, hey predator!, somewhere around the apex of the year 2011. Taking almost immediately to the studio, the band produced a particularly shredful long-player, entitled Outside Language, tastefully condensing their myriad proclivities into eight compositions spanning many musical spectra. After modestly circling the more alternative corners of Montreal’s variety circuits for a couple years, 2014 brought us Trading Cities, somewhat of a deliberate effort to reposition themselves as punkishly earnest and restrained, establishing a more coherent foundation for their forthcoming material.


Quietly working on their new LP, the band is fresh off a couple jaunts to Sled Island, where they’ve been heralded as “a case-and-point example of fearless music making, taking raw insanity and intersecting it with jangly, twinkling, razor-sharp guitar notes, grudging bass and eccentric drumming, extracting the mathematical pieces in an equation for weird musical expression.” (source)