Stack Your Roster | Do You Dream? by Thanya Iyer
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do u dream cover

Do You Dream?

by Thanya Iyer

released September 3, 2016


Do You Dream? is the debut long player from Montreal-based composer and bandleader Thanya Iyer. The record proves to be a significant journey, clocking in with nineteen unique compositions, resulting in somewhat of a magnum opus-style work. Previously described as “atmospheric” and “dreamy,” Thanya Iyer and her band craftily combine elements of jazz, folk, and pop into an eloquent amalgam that flashes tastefully with electronic nuance and compositional space.


When asked about the central themes living within the record, Iyer responded declaratively that, “the theme of the album is change.” As much is proven time and again in her writing. Whether through observations of change or through figurative, musical explorations of it, Thanya consistently captures the nature of this elusive thematic element with magnificently playful songwriting. Do You Dream? seems to shift gears on a dime whenever it pleases, ambling serenely between the changes in mood, time, and key.


The album’s recording process began when the group went to a church in the Eastern Townships to lay down bed tracks. By exploring the foundations through experimentation and overdubbing, the band was able to define their sound exactly to their specifications. Thanya describes the resultant new sound of the band as “drastically changed.” Patching pieces together in this way encouraged them to begin experimenting with electronic sounds, such as synths and effects. Involving these sounds at the production level eventually brought them to the fore in the group’s live performance, as seen in their live take on “Daydreaming,” performed at Redpath Hall at McGill University. The scope of the band’s approach to the album poetically captures its central theme of change. According to Thanya herself, “change is beautiful and can be a wonderfully positive thing.” Compositionally speaking, it is the driving force behind Do You Dream?‘s impressive multiplicity, asserting faithfully to the world that not all change is bad.


Artwork by Shaina Hayes