Stack Your Roster | Cleanup
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In conjunction with Holy Hell Records (run by Ryan Slate of Look Mexico), Stack Your Roster co-released Cleanup’s 8-track record entitled Sun Life on cassette tape in 2015. This indie progressive experimental 3-piece ironically, yet so becoming of Fort Worth, Texas, demonstrate the worth and value of mature vocal presence over a seemingly mid-west progressively colored instrumental design. With harmonizer guitar effects, bold percussion and a slew of dizzying guitar lines, Clean up continue to crank the infinite cog of progression and keep pushing the boundaries of musical maturity in every direction without losing sense of the bigger musical picture.


While on tour with Quaaludes during the summer of 2015, we were fortunate enough to have shared space-time with the men of Clean up in Cincinnati at the Da Vida House. We were happy to find out that they had brought their customized magic decks and a myriad of battles ensued. It was as if we had met our cousins for the first time and didn’t have to explain ourselves to each other.


What a dog, what a day.