Stack Your Roster | Cattle Drums
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Cattle Drums always seemed to be skidding along the fine line between good fortune and disaster. Like many DIY bands, they faced the standard trials of moneylessness, van problems, and spinally challenging sleeping situations. Difficult though it was to constantly reconcile the life of a touring band with their alternate non-touring identities, Cattle Drums managed to cultivate a truly arresting style of complex, change-on-a-dime hardcore punk, topped intricately with the absurdly beautiful vocal machinations of Sam Judd (ex Monster Machismo). While their stay on this mortal world didn’t last nearly as long as many wished it had, it was somehow long enough for them to complete a fifteen track masterstroke of an album, the likes of which only materialized, unfortunately, after their untimely demise. On display is their curious virtuosity, a negotiation between the warring factions of complexity and taste, a battlefield where victories are only won in dank basements and small bars. Cattle Drums forever <3