Stack Your Roster | Biker Boys by Golden Python
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Biker Boys

by Golden Python

co-released April 20, 2018 with Skeletal Lightning


Though the band is doubtlessly tied to math rock and other virtuosic subgenres, their new full length, Biker Boys, exhibits a complex mesh of emo, punk, and grunge. Biker Boys demonstrates the band’s compositional acumen through an amalgam of gritty, enchanting anthems and progressive song structures. The songs will start and stop as they please, while loudly articulating themes of friendship and maturation. At every turn of the album, it’s clear the band intends to constantly push itself beyond the limits established by their past work.


Tracks like ‘Sylvia’ reveal the musicians’ abilities of restraint and tact, wherein guitars drip like syrup over angular, subdued rhythms. But the band also gives itself space to explore crunchier, more distorted atmospheres. In album closer ‘Meggy,’ led by a chugging bass line all the way through to the climax, Ford proclaims without screaming, “you’re the reason that I’m still here,” perhaps a nod to the impossible chemistry of the combined skills of his bandmates.


In spite of each member’s stunning technical proficiency, the songs never feel too busy. Their precise arithmetic shows a band unafraid to adapt to one another’s skillsets so that everyone gets their own unique compositional voice.