Stack Your Roster | Big Socks by Stevenson
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Big Socks

by Stevenson

released 1 January 2020


Guitarist/singer Vincent Ford (Gulfer, Golden Python, ex Nanimal) and drummer Fred Le Tourneux-Gagnon complete the modest ranks of Montreal’s Stevenson. Described as a “downer pop treasure,” their infectious brand of catchy yet melancholic ballads captures the emotional throes of a harsh Montreal winter, which Vince explains as naive and dark.


While Montreal artists have time and again recoiled inward for the duration of winter, Stevenson humbly accepts their hibernal fate and translates the darkness of the season into something fun and creatively earnest, taking prudent care to not be too serious. “Fans of the last Sororty Noise record are going to feel at home with Stevenson.”