Stack Your Roster | Best Buddies by Stevenson
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Best Buddies

by Stevenson

released March 17, 2016


“The latest set of songs from the angular indie rock outfit emerges from the throes of another cold, dark Canadian winter. Rather than recoiling inwards and hiding away for the winter months, the duo embraced their yearly fate and sought to create something fun to challenge the season.


As the EP’s title implies, there’s plenty of pal-oriented material on the upcoming offering. Opener “All My Friends” doesn’t paint a particularly fond portrait of friendship (opting to describe the titular group as “pieces of shit”), but by the penultimate song (from which the album takes its name) things seem to be turning around. Despite the slowed down, gloom-infused fuzz-rock sound of some of the music, the album closes off on a cheerful high note with the acoustic “Friend (I Found A).”” (source)