Stack Your Roster | 8 Emanations by Matthew Politoski
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8 Emanations Cover [Brighter]

8 Emanations

by Matthew Politoski

released February 23, 2018


“Emanation – An abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source.


In many Gnostic systems of belief Emanationism is the center piece of their creation mythology. At the very top there is the Godhead; the singular, formless, bodiless, eternal light and darkness of all things and non things. Starting from the Godhead, from which all things stem, there is a down-flow of spiritual energy that happens with each emanation being an increasingly eroded variation of the original source. At each level, these emanated beings become less pure, less perfect, and less divine. The creation of the material universe is the result of a tragic flaw or passion in one of these lowest emanations.” (source)


The album cover was made by over laying 2 public domain images downloaded from the New York Public Library’s digital collection.