Stack Your Roster | Bas Relief || “sep 28 alt master 2” (VIDEO)
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Bas Relief || “sep 28 alt master 2” (VIDEO)

22 Apr Bas Relief || “sep 28 alt master 2” (VIDEO)

Using public domain footage, our friend Zachary Goldberg-Mota partook in Sent from my iPad by producing this video for the final song of the project’s album component. Please find information on the video’s source material in the project’s bibliography/sample guide here.

Of this contribution to Sent from my iPad and Things in General, Zachary writes,

image is constantly in the process of commodification, and we as media consumers, in turn, exist within this process. we act to at once define, consume, alter and be altered by, our media (or image) landscape.

your moral compass; your accent; your vocabulary; your preferences; your ethics; your ego — the combined sum of the cultural parts that make up your character is built by the synthesized collage of the particular media system you were raised within.

despite how much of it you actually perceive, you are constantly being advertised to; your attention (an ancient commodity) is constantly being jockeyed for. everything, down to the minutia of interests, habits, tendencies and quirks that make you a (semi) individual human, has been or is in the process of being bought, sold, and bought again.

globalization has effectively rendered these factors worldwide phenomena, and we, participants in the contemporary globalized consumer economy, as every day actors; fleshy vehicles for furthering these effects.

we are all the combined sum of our wants — our purchases, our attentions, our images; we are all constantly bought and sold.

some things to know about me — i am:

○ tristate-area american

○ white-passing

○ middle class

○ able-bodied

○ cisgender

○ male

○ millennial